Agricultural Trade & Trade Policy

2KO Africa offers onsite training in Agricultural Trade & Trade Policy anywhere in Africa.

Course Overview

The training is concerned with agricultural policy issues in developing countries. Agriculture is usually found to be the largest economic sector for the provision of employment and also generation of the much linked economic activity e.g. in processing and trading. There is always need for high quality trade systems, able to deliver nutritional and health foods, at prices which are affordable and stable and without damaging the natural resource environment. At the heart of effective food systems are complex webs of local, national, regional and global trade. Involving and empowering the various stakeholders on these complexities goes along way in boosting the development and implementation of the trade policies. The training seeks to explore the various trade policies, their impact and areas of Improvements.

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Program Key Features

The training will offer and impart better understanding of agricultural development issues in Africa. It will enable the participants to:

  • Effective participate in International agricultural trade negotiations
  • Design and formulate efficient domestic trade policies
  • Apply practical tools and methods to the diagnosis and solutions of agricultural development problems

Who Should Attend

The course is designed for:

Public And Private Sector Agricultural Development Professionals
African Regional Organizations